Parents! Check in here from time to time to get special event details, see updates on youth, and check the topics we are looking at in Bible studies.

here’s a copy of our most recent parent letter


First off, thanks for joining us and allowing your kids to be a part of our youth group this year. Family life can be hectic and busy, and we want to be a help and resource to you as parents, as well as a safe and awesome part of your kids’ life.  We believe God has a great plan for each of us, and want to help your kids see and experience God as we journey together.  Our leader team does what we do because we care about young people and want to see them grow and succeed.

For myself, I’ve been working here at SPMB for 8 years.   Each year brings a new twists and adventures, and we modify our programs year by year to fit the needs and flavour of the group.  Our Jr youth is for grade 6-8 students and runs every second Tuesday, from 7-9 at SPMB.  We try to make a fun and higher energy environment with games and activities, and teach God’s word in an engaging and relevant way. Sr youth goes each Wednesday from 7-9ish at SPMB, and also has lots of games and activities, while digging a bit deeper into God’s word.

Occasionally we have events with our Jr. and Sr. groups together, or other special events like retreats, overnights, concerts, etc, which can mess with the normal schedule, so keep your eyes open for those.  We try to let you know ahead of time as those dates come up.  We are also not a huge or inflexible group, so the schedule does sometimes change if opportunities come up for a great event or experience.  Thanks for being gracious with us if our communication isn’t awesome.  If you ever have questions about youth or whatever else, I’m pretty quick to reply and will include my info at the bottom.

Speaking of communication, please let us know how we can best communicate with you.  We try to update our various communication means as much as possible, but it is challenging to get news to everyone while everyone is not using the same medium. We update the website, our youth facebook page, send emails, texts, phone calls. It can be hard to get everyone, so if you are missing some info,  just ask.

As a leader team, we want to be a support and encouragement to your student.  We hope to show up for some activities like sports or concerts and plays, send emails, notes, or texts, and be available for the occasional lunch or coffee meeting.  If there are ways that we can help and encourage you as parents, we would love to do that too.  I always enjoy the opportunity to meet with you as families.  Don’t hesitate to call or email.


Dan Macloskie

Youth Pastor, South Park MB Church




Dear Parents. It’s almost Christmas time! Tonight was our last regular youth event this year. We intentionally take a break to let you focus on family time, school events, and not to add to an already busy season. This fall at youth has been really great. I hope you’ve heard from your young people about the excellent things we have been learning and doing. If you need a jump start question (if your youth isn’t the most “sharing”) try asking the Sr high’s about the HABITS series, or the Jr high’s about being the light (or the ninja night).

As you get to spend some more time thinking of and being with family, please know that we want to support you in winning in your family relationships in any way we can. With our youth, we make a point to tell them that we, as leaders at spmb youth, care about them and want to be a part of their team. It’s important to have people around who will take an interest and have your back. The same offer extends to you as families of these excellent young people. We want to encourage and build you up as great families. Please let us know if there are ways we can do that for you, things we can pray for you, or issues we could lend an ear or hand with. Yours is the most important voice in kids’ life, so make these holidays filled with love, laughter, and Jesus!

Youth will start again in the first week of January. A few things to think about in the new year. Winter retreat: January 15-17 we will be taking Jr and Sr youth for a retreat in the Pembina Valley. This is always a highlight. The cost is $110 (But please don’t let that stop you. If money is an issue, just pay what you can). Mission Trip: We have not nailed down the details yet, but we plan to go on a short term mission trip again this summer. Check in with your youth to see if that’s something of interest. Leadership team: For youth who want to dig in a bit deeper, we will be starting a leadership team that will meet once a month with a focus on grow in our faith, learning about gifts, service , and leadership, and practically serving. Applications and more details coming in January.

I’d love to get together with you sometime to connect and pray for you as a family connected to our youth ministry. Also, I am always open to feedback, suggestions, and questions regarding your kids, our youth program, or whatever is on your heart. I’m available by email (

Blessing to you and your family this Christmas!

Pastor Dan


A great resource!  Hey, If you are interested in some resources to keep informed on some of the cultural and media influences surrounding youth culture, here is a link for you.   Walt Mueller runs this great resource (C.enter for P.arent Y.outh U.nderstanding) that gives great insight into media, youth trends, cultural shifts, and lots of other great information.  It’s updated in a timely way, so those of us who care about youth, but are no longer up on all the latest trends, can have a good window to what’s happening today. Take a look

thanks for all your support

Dan Macloskie


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