No Friday youth this week


Hey all. Due to low numbers, we won’t go to morden on Friday. See you next week.


schedule and upcoming events


-pick up a revised schedule at the church, or check the photo below
-jr youth NERF night this tuesday. Bring a nerf gun, or use one of ours. Bring a friend.
-Sr youth is on FRIDAY april 20, not wednesday. We will be going to morden to worship and hang out with another group. Meet at spmb at 630. (jr youth are welcome to join us). Let me know if you plan to come so I can arrange rides.

Mark your calendars: May 18-19 we are having a lock-in overnight event at rush Laser tag in Winkler. This will be one you don’t want to miss. JR and SR welcome, friends welcome too! Sign up will be posted soon.

****revised Schedule****  disregard the older nicely printed one

Sr youth schedule spring 2018

April 4: Ephesians 3, cereal party

April 11: Escape room

April 20 (Friday): worship/hang in Morden: meet at SPMB at 6:30

April 25: Supper and Ephesians 4

May 1 (Tuesday): Games and Bible study with Jr youth

May 9: Ephesians 5

May 18-19: JR/SR lock in at Rush Lasertag

May 23: Eph 6 and bike food challenge

May 30: JR/SR BBQ and park games windup

June ? “grad” dinner and party



Jr youth schedule spring 2018

April 3: Bible study and Cereal

April 17: Nerf Night

May 1: games and Bible study with Sr youth

May 18-19: JR/SR lock in at Rush Lasertag

May 30 (wed): JR/SR BBQ and games at the park



Hey all. For senior youth this week, we will be doing an escape room in Winkler. To arrange rides, can you check in with your friends and give me an idea who’s all going to come? Email, text, or Facebook

April 3 and 4 youth


Welcome back from Spring break! Youth this week is Jr on tuesday, Sr on wednesday. Run club, for any who want to join goes wednesday after school at the MEC track

For JR and SR this week, bring along your favorite cereal to share for a cereal mix and match snack party.

Youth this week


Hey everyone. Jr and Sr youth this week are hosting a kids movie night on Tuesday with the movie starting at 630. All kids welcome, any age. Invite you siblings, cousins, neighbours. All free!

Any youth who would like to help set up and decorate, join us at the church at 530.

The movie night will be the youth event for both jr and Sr this week, but if you’d like something to do Wednesday evening, our youth worship team will be practicing for leading this Sunday. You are welcome to come join us in worship and hang out around 7

retreat details


Hey folks. for those going on the winter retreat. Here’s some info.

we will be leaving at 530 on friday feb 2, so try to be at church around 515 to pack up. eat supper first.  We will be back in the early/mid afternoon on sunday the 4th.

Winter retreat packing list

What to bring:

-Bring your waiver release form! You can’t come without one.  Also bring money if you have not paid.

-Clothes: We will be inside and outside, so pack warm.  Pack pjs or whatever you wear to sleep, extra socks, etc.

-winter gear: make sure you have outside clothes, boots, ski pants, gloves, etc.

-bedding: there are mattresses and beds there, so pack a sleeping bag and pillow

-tooth brush, deodorant, towel, soap, etc

-bring a bible, pen, and notebook

Optional: flashlight, slippers,  snacks (there is lots of food there), money if you’d like to buy a camp tshirt.

-Guys often have a glow stick battle one night, so if you’d like to bring a pair of safety glasses that’s good too

Things NOT to bring: cell phones (I’ll have one)), anything valuable, anything not usually allowed at youth (weapons, drugs, pets, anything egypt related 😊)

*a note about meds: if you have any medications you need to bring along, let a leader know. Some things you can keep with you, others a leader would hold on to for you and let you take whenever need.

happy new year!


happy new year crew! I’m back in the office and working hard on schedules, lessons, winter retreat, worship stuff, and much more. Let me know if you want to grab a coffee sometime and talk about what your hopes and goals are for you faith and life this year!

The winter retreat is one month away! You can still sign up, and because I’ve been out of the office, you have till this sunday to get in on the early bird pricing. After that, it goes up $10. So talk to that friend you are waiting to hear from and get yourself on that list and paid up. It is going to be great!

Regular youth starts next week,  Jan 9 for Jr youth, Jan 10 for Sr youth. spread the word