dessert theatre

hello everyone. Just wanted to let you know a few things about the dessert theatre and prep that is going on.  We are just over a week away (saturday the 29th)
Things are in full swing and coming along nicely. The youth have been working on videos, food planning, decorations, and live acting prep. It will be a fun evening. If you have tickets that aren’t spoken for at your place, please send them back so we can have a good sense of how many will come. also, if you have more people coming than tickets, let me know and I’ll just add to the total number.
Friday: if any students want to come along to winkler to do some shopping for food and decoration supplies, we will be going tomorrow after school.  let me know if you would like to come, and if you can make it to the church or would need to be picked up somewhere. we would shoot to be going by 4 and back around 6.
next week: jr and sr on wednesday night for lots of setup, prep, acting stuff, etc.  try to be there if at all possible.   Friday night at 7 everyone who can make it at church for more setup, practice, and cooking.  Saturday the 29th we will likely meet for a little while in the afternoon to do finishing touches and run through stuff, then get back together around 6.  The event itself will start at 7.

looking forward to a fun event! see you there

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