retreat details


Only a few more days till the winter retreat! Here’s some info

meet at the church at 5:15. eat supper before coming.  Get ready for a great weekend.  We will be back around 230 on sunday. students can call when we are through winkler if you like.

Winter retreat packing list

What to bring:

-Bring your waiver release form! You can’t come without one.  Also bring money if you have not paid.

-Clothes: We will be inside and outside, so pack warm.  Pack pjs or whatever you wear to sleep, extra socks, etc.

-winter gear: make sure you have outside clothes, books, ski pants, gloves, etc.

-bedding: there are mattresses and beds there, so pack a sleeping bag and pillow

-tooth brush, deodorant, towel, soap, etc

-bring a bible, pen, and notebook

Optional: flashlight, slippers,  snacks (there is lots of food there), money if you’d like to buy a camp tshirt

Things NOT to bring: cell phones (I’ll have one available to call if needed), anything valuable, anything not usually allowed at youth (weapons, drugs, pets, lima beans)

*a note about meds: if you have any medications you need to bring along, let a leader know. Some things you can keep with you, others a leader would hold on to for you and let you take whenever need.


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