Summer missions trip


Hello Parents and Youth.  If you are reading this, it likely means you are interested in being a part of a mission trip this summer. That’s great.  These trips can be a great experience to help us grow in our faith and serve the world around us.  If that’s what you want to see, this trip could be a great experience for you.  On our initial signup, we have 22 youth plus leaders interested in coming, so that’s amazing.

We would like to get registrations going within the next two weeks to make sure we get spots, so spend some time deciding now.  It looks like out location will be Kenosha, Wisconsin, and we will be doing a “week of hope” trip with group missions.  Here is a website with some more info.

The trip is for those age 12+, is 6 days (plus travel), and includes times of serving, learning, worship, and recreation.  ****The dates we are looking at are July 24-29****

The cost for registration is $256 American, plus some transportation costs.  We would be looking for $130 as an initial deposit, and then would work to fundraise as much of the rest as we can to lower the remaining cost to you.   

**quick note, if you’d like a fast fundraiser opportunity, there is a banquet this Friday (11th) at spmb that you can serve at with funds going to the trip, contact me for details if you are interested**

I’m going to go ahead and reserve a number of spots (likely 15 or so) to make sure we have a place.  If you know for sure that you are in, please confirm with me as soon as possible and get the $130 to me to reserve your spot.  If we have more than the number I pre-register come through, we can hopefully add more spots as we go.  The sooner you confirm with me, the better for you and the team.

Let me know if you have any questions

Dan   (


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