winter retreat details


The retreat is almost here. We are excited about this weekend’s activities. Remember that there is no regular youth this week.  Here are a few things you should know:

-Times: we will meet at 5:15 friday evening, please eat supper before.  We plan to be back around 230 on sunday afternoon.

-Forms and money: Release forms are essential to come on the  retreat.  If you don’t have one, print it off from the winter retreat tab of this site.  Lots of youth have it in already, but some still need to bring it friday.  Money isn’t a sticky point to being able to come, but if you can bring it on friday, that’s cool.

-what to pack:  Boy is it ever cold outside! make sure you pack winter gear, as we will be playing some outside games.  remember sleeping stuff: there are beds and mattresses, but not bedding, so bring your sleeping bag and pillow, as well as your toothbrush, deodorant (please) , towel, etc.   Please also pack a Bible if you have one, and a notebook and pen.  There is lots of great food provided, but you can bring some extra snacks if you want.  as usual, please don’t bring your electronics (phones can come but must stay put away during the retreat), pets, weapons, schemes, drugs, stowaways, pharaoh pharaohs, fishing supplies, or homework.

Parents, please take time to pray for us this weekend.  We plan to pack it full of great fun and adventure, as well as intentional times of building friendships and spiritual growth.  Your prayers make a huge difference.


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