news letter


On Friday, May 15- May 16, we will be having a lock in! It’s a great time to spend time together as a group where we will have an excellent adventure, spend time in God’s word, and stay overnight at the church. Students should bring sleeping bags and clothes, and whatever other overnight stuff they would like (toothbrush, etc) as well as a little money for a snack if they want. There will be leaders, and separate sleeping areas for the guys and girls.

As part of that time, we will be planning to go to SKY ZONE in Winnipeg, which is a trampoline park, and tons of fun. I’m working on those details this week, but need to know numbers to book a spot for us. If you could let me know by this weekend, May 3, I can reserve a spot for us. Please email me at to confirm who is coming (or call me). That’s for Friday, May 15. There will be an online waiver to fill out for that as well, and I’ll get that info to you when you email me.

After that, we will have a normal event May 26. We have a baby due on June 1st, so the schedule is a bit wonky after that, but we will plan to have a wind up in June, as well as a number of events through the summer.

Our youth is selling Power cards! These cards offer discounts for local businesses (mostly Altona and Winkler). The funds will go to support the great events our youth puts on, as well as the youth mission trip this summer. I’d love it if each youth could sell at least 5 cards. Anyone who sells more than 5 will have the cost of going to sky zone covered for free. The student who sells the most cards will get a lunch or ice cream at the hut for them and a friend! Students can sell the cards to anyone: friends and family, door to door, church, school, wherever. They sell for $25 each and have a lot of good discounts on them that can be used again and again. If people write a cheque, make it to spmb youth.


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