youth news!


Hey everyone. I’m working on finalizing the youth calendar for the rest of the school year.  Isn’t that crazy, it’s almost done?!  There’s a few things you should know about the next month or two.  First, our baby is due June 1, so that will impact things a bit. That means any events near that day are a little sketchy as I may need to take off. super exciting.  With that in mind, we will plan regular events till the end of may, and a wrap up party a couple weeks into june (with the date TBA later).

Here’s what it looks like at this point.

Jr High: April 28 at spmb,

2 weeks later (friday-saturday) may 15-16 lock-in overnight at church,

may 26 at spmb.

wrap up party mid june

SR High. wed april 22, 29, and may 6

may 15-16 lock in overnight at spmb

wed may 20, 27

wrap up party mid june


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