laser tag!


Hey everyone. We have an exciting event planned for next tuesday, March 17.  We will be going to Winkler to play laser tag together.  This event is a combined Jr and Sr youth event, so you are all welcome.  We want to leave at 5:55, so eat before that and be at the church at 545.  The cost is $15 each.  We will try to be back for 9:00. please spread the word to your friends in youth who may not read this.

-Dessert Theatre.  Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 18 for the “red carpet” themed dessert theatre.  The youth will be hosting, so be sure to invite all your friends and relatives, and stay tuned for events to prepare for this great event.

-power card fundraiser: To help cover cost of special events, mission trips, and supplies for great youth events, we get to be a part of a great fundraiser.  In a few weeks, we will be getting some customized fundraising cards.  We can all take part in selling these cards to friends and family that give them great discounts at local businesses.


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