wednesday recap


Last night at sr high youth we had a great time talking, laughing, and snacking together. In our discussion time, when we progressed past the blind spots experienced by cows (what?), we were taking a look at how we, as followers of Jesus, want to continually submit all areas of our life to His way rather than ours. Mostly we want to look the Bible for direction (MAP!) but can run into difficulty because there are so many areas of life today that the Bible doesn’t seem to address directly. These sort of grey areas require some wisdom and interpreting the Bible.
We agreed that we need to have a framework to use the Bible well, and talked about a few ground rules. 1)when we see or use scripture, it’s important to check the accuracy and the context to understand the meaning. 2) Try our best to let the Bible shape our thinking, rather than trying to make the Bible agree with what we already think. 3) pan for Gold using filters like -what we know about God -what the rest of the Big picture in the Bible says -The results filter (will following this path lead to good and Godly results) -friends and mentors filter -The Holy spirit.

With these in mind, we dug into the Bible and our experience to create some of our own guidelines for social media use. Here is a bit of a summary of some thoughts.
-Love your neighbour (and enemy): Will writing or saying something online show love and build up, or tear down?
-would you be ok with your parents, syblings, or Jesus seeing this? If not, you probably shouldn’t post it.
-Does who you are online match up with who are trying to be in the rest of life as a follower of Jesus?
-flee from sexual immorality. it’s not about what can I get away with, but staying far from danger

Some specific wisdom from Proverbs we looked at:
– think twice before you post, never hurry
-don’t get caught up in foolish arguments
-sometimes (especially with friends) we need to take a stand against foolish or unkind words
-know when to leave things alone, you don’t have to answer everything.
-stay away from gossip
-Be humble, don’t post boasting about yourself (in word or image)

another part of the discussion centered around good or bad use of almost any medium. social media can be used for good things, or bad. When mostly bad things are coming from a site, app, etc, it may be best to avoid it altogether.

Doesn’t cover everything, of course, but it’s a good start! Keep searching after Jesus’ heart for you and how you can grow more in love and discipleship


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