Off The Charts details


Off the charts music festival is coming soon. I`m excited for this event.  You can see the heart and intention the organizers put into this event.  Their purpose is to see the kingdom of God grow and encourage believers with this great event. Please talk with your parents, invite a friend, and get back to me to let me know you are coming as soon as you can.  Here`s some details for you.

Off the Charts Festival and Camping trip. Aug 16-17
Times: Meet at SPMB at 1:00 pm Saturday the 16. We plan to be back around 4 on Sunday, the 17th
Cost: $25 (this will pay for food as well as other expenses) . Bring a little spending money if you want to buy snacks or band merch
Things to bring:
-camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, etc)
-clothes, towel, toothbrush
-swim stuff (we will be at the beach on Sunday)
-passport/photo ID and a signed parents note (see below for an example of what to write)
Things not to bring:
-Anything not allowed across the border or not allowed at youth
-weapons, drugs, cigarettes, exotic pets, meats/vegetables,
*any prescription meds need to have the prescription along, and be given to Dan

Example Parents note:
To whom it may concern,
We, (parents or guardians names, both if possible) give permission for (youth’s name) to cross to and from the United States to go to Cavalier, ND with Pastor Dan Macloskie and the SPMB Youth group from August 17-18, 2013. If needed, we can be reached at this phone number ________________
Print and sign names


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