Dinner Theatre


This is a very exciting time in the youth calendar. Our dinner theatre is only a week and a half away- Saturday March 15. Here’s a few things your should know.
Who: all youth are invited to be a part of this! All Friends, family, and others are invited to come to the dinner theatre and support our fundraiser march 15th.
Tickets: The tickets are to let us know how many people are coming. If you have tickets that aren’t given away, please bring them back. If you need tickets for family or friends who want to come, just write their names and how many total will come and bring it in to me (dan) this week and they will be good to come.
Prep: Jr high got things started filming on Tuesday.
Wednesday march 5 is no school in the afternoon so jr and sr high come on out and help at 2 at the church. Then in the evening sr high will be going strong on filming, dividing roles, and decorating prep.
next Wednesday (12th) jr and sr come on out at 6 or after to continue prep.
Friday (14th) more prep/practice/and cooking from 6 till late (jr and sr high welcome)
Saturday (15th) details to come on when in the day we will be working on stuff. likely in the morning, then a break, and meeting back up around 4 to put the final touches in place and have a blast serving, acting, and eating together.


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