winter retreat


Hey everyone. I’m really excited for the winter retreat coming up this weekend. Here’s some things you need to know.

On Friday, Meet at 5:30 at SPMB Church (Eat supper before coming). That means Roseau/dc students will be picked up around 430 or so
On Sunday, we should be back in Altona by about 2 or 2:30

What to pack:
Sleeping bag and pillow
Clothes for the weekend
Warm, winter clothes for playing outside (boots, hats, mittens, etc)
Toothbrush, towel, soap, deodorant
Bible and pen

snacks (there will be plenty of food provided)

Things to not bring:
Electronics (mp3, games)
The usual (pets, weapons, drugs, smokes, aliens, lighters, desire to sing “pharaoh, pharaoh”)
*phones: If you need a phone for emergencies or to call your parents on the way home, you can bring it and leave it with Dan during the retreat. You can also just plan to call on one of our phones if you need.
*Meds: any medicine other than emergency items like inhalers, needs to be mentioned to Dan at the start of the retreat.


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