christmas party!

Hi everyone.  Here are some more details regarding this week’s youth Christmas party.
Wednesday at 7, meet at the church.  Dress warm, bring christmas cookies.  we will be going out for a magical christmas hay ride/candy cane hunt, so make sure to have lots of warm clothes. There will be a christmas cookie potluck after, so if you have a plate of cookies to spare, bring it along and we’ll enjoy those together. spread the word
Other important info:
-winter retreat: we will be going on a winter retreat to pembina valley bible camp in between the school first and second semester.  the dates are Feb 1,2,3. The cost will be $90 each.  A number of students are already signed up, but if you have not yet, please do so soon.  Also, you can pay any time, the deadline will be mid january. as with most events, if finances are an issue, we can arrange a lesser cost or other plan.
missions trip: soar heartland is a missions trip that takes place during spring break.  We will be taking a team to winnipeg to serve, learn, and experience God in the inner city.  We will be starting with team meetings shortly, so if you are interested in that and have not signed up, let me know asap.
feel free to email me if you have any questions.
God bless you!

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