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after a fantastic birthday party on wednesday, we are gearing up for next week’s events. Jr high’s are back on tuesday this next week (march15) at our normal locations. Sr high will be experiencing a brand new event> The Mall Extravaganza. Plan to be at the church at 6. Bring a bit of money for a snack, and optional spending money (as we are in a mall, you may have the chance to shop…if you want). We’ll shoot to be back by 10 pm.
OTHER BIG NEWS: Jr High’s Get stoked for Soul’d. On May 13th and 14th you are invited to this great event. We will meet for a retreat/party on friday night (Overnight!) and then spend the saturday at the Soul’d youth event in Altona. (sr high students are welcome to register and come to the soul’d event, but the overnighter is just for the jr high’s)
Sr High’s gear up for YC MANITOBA! April 29-May 1. This is going to be a great weekend of fun and growth in Winnipeg. Need I say more?
Sign up’s for both will be posted soon.


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